13th June 2024

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Brief History of the Cemetery

cemetery flowering tree

The land on Groby Lane was purchased by the Parish Council in 1955. It opened for burials in 1960. In 2017 the extension was opened.

Anyone wishing to donate a tree in memory of a loved one should contact the Clerk. All offers are most welcome.

Double earthen graves or double ash plots may be purchased. For further details contact the Registrar for Burials, Hannah Shaw on 01530 249945 or by email to clerk@newtownlinford.org.uk.

distance shot of cemetery
cemetery scene

Cemetery Regulations 2022

Cemetery Fees 2022

The Cemetery is open to all Newtown Linford Parish residents. At the discretion of the Council, plots may be available for former residents or relations but the fees will be double - please see Cemetery Fees.

Application Forms

Please email the Registrar for Burials, Hannah Shaw, who will issue the appropriate invoice for payment, preferably by online banking. Email: clerk@newtownlinford.org.uk


Visiting the cemetery - parking details and how to gain vehicular access.

Charnwood Borough Council Traffic Wardens are visiting the lay-by outside the cemetery regularly and issuing parking tickets. If you have a blue badge you may park there provided you show your badge and are visiting the cemetery.

Both large gates now have coded padlocks on them. Each entrance has a side gate which is not locked. The code can be obtained from the Clerk, The Registrar for Burials, The Clergy or any Parish Councillor.

If you use the code, please remember to scramble the number afterwards.

Please note that we will not change the code without informing you. Sometimes the rain gets in the padlock and causes it to be a little stiff.

Further information can be obtained from the Registrar for Burials, Hannah Shaw. Email: clerk@newtownlinford.org.uk or telephone 01530 249945

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