13th June 2024

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Newtown Linford Bell Ringers

Newtown Linford Bell Ringers meet regularly at 8pm on Monday evenings at All Saints Church in the village. We ring before the 10.30 am Service on the first and 3rd Sundays of the month and also at at Church Festivals ie. Easter, Whit Sunday etc. We also enjoy ringing for Weddings at any time of year. One highlight this year has been the visit by the Newtown Linford Brownies who tried their hand at bell ringing and handbells. A great time was had by all!

We also enjoy the annual Scarecrow Weekend when, with expert guidance visitors can " have a go" at bell ringing.You may like also to hear the interesting history of our bells.

The following is a guide for the initiated from a poem by Dilys England:-

Ringing church bells is an age-old tradition Not undertaken if you lack ambition. Control of the bell is the first thing to learn And then there's the language for you to discern. The ringers themselves come from all walks of life , With sisters and brothers, husband and wife. There are Farmers, Accountants, Men of the Law. Doctors ,Teachers, retired folk galore. Please don't be put off now, it isn't all strife. You'll have lots of fun and make friends for life. So take up the challenge, we'll show you the way. There's a shortage of ringers- England needs you today!

So if bell ringing is something you have always wanted to try why not come along one Monday evening. You will receive a warm welcome and a cup of coffee.

Visiting Bellringing groups please contact:-


or phone 01530 243822

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